Specialist Medical Enquiries

Look at our main list of treatment areas on the Specialist Treatments page or go directly to our website FindBestTreatment.com
MHL patients obtain treatment in some university hospitals at local patient prices, avoiding substantial mark-ups by medical facilitators.
CyberKnife treatment room at Saphir Radiosurgery, Frankfurt, Germany
Medical Park neurorehabilitation and surgical hospital in Berlin, Germany
Advanced neurosurgery navigation techniques at University Medical Centre Mainz, Germany
Episcan used for early detection of pressure ulcers
CyberKnife technical services and support
Single room proton therapy centres - information on request

Business enquiries to MHL (PPM Consult Ltd.)

For business enquiries only contact PPM Consult
PPM Consult Ltd., specialist business promotion consultancy

Enquiries for advanced medical treatments

MHL invests heavily in researching specialist treatment centres in many countries and then visiting them to discuss their best treatments.
We introduce patients to a growing range of university hospitals and specialist treatment centres in Europe and North America and we can suggest centres that are most likely to respond favourably.
We are not doctors so we cannot give medical advice ourselves. Our role is to suggest hospitals or treatment centres for you to consider and to pass your details for review there.

Enquiries for medical products and laboratory or technical services

Aklides® NUK DNA Analyser and laboratory service
Episcan® Dermal Ultrasound Scanner
Generic Assays diagnostic tests inc. Crohn's Disease and Peripheral Neuropathies
Q.Light® Phototherapy and PDT

Does MHL give medical advice?

Through our regular contacts and visits we learn which groups of patients receive the most benefit from particular treatments and what is coming shortly.
Since 2006 our Assisted Enquiry Service has helped patients and doctors to apply successfully for advanced medical treatments.
Enquiries for advanced medical products and devices, technical support services and specialist medical treatments
Aklides NUK double strand DNA break evaluation provides guidance for toleration of chemotherapy
We may therefore suggest enquiring for latest treatments that you or your doctor are not yet aware of.
We obtain prompt advice from leading international experts in their field, so that you can make informed decisions yourself or discuss these with your own doctor.

How do we know about treatments?

World-leading high precision ion beam cancer therapy in Austria
World-leading high precision ion beam cancer therapy in Austria
Advanced neurosurgery navigation techniques at university hospitals in Germany
Specialist neurorehabilitation and surgical hospital in Berlin, Germany
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MHL for advanced medical treatments
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Enquiry service for advanced medical technologies