Specialist Medical Treatments

Principal Headings

CyberKnife® Radiosurgery  
Radiation Therapies
Da Vinci® 'Robotic' Surgery
Proton Therapy
Voice, Speech and Hearing
Ear, Nose and Throat
Rehabilitation, Neurorehabilitation
Eating Disorders
General Surgery
Movement disorders
Nephrology (Kidney)
DNA Testing
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The MHL Assisted Enquiry Service helps you to learn about and apply for some of the latest medical treatments worldwide
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How does MHL help?

We are not doctors so we cannot give medical advice, but we do provide information on forms of treatment that you may not have considered.
Due to high capital and training costs, fully proven treatments may spread quite slowly. Even doctors cannot know all specialist treatments now available in other countries and how to obtain them.

Experienced specialists

To identify and treat rare or complex cases, specialists need to work with a large number of patients.
MHL gives you access to some of the best university hospitals, specialist centres and medical practitioners in the world in their respective fields.

Find a treatment

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The following list gives just a sample of some of  the interesting new treatments that are now available in Europe and North America, if you only know where to look.
Enquire now without commitment and we will help to direct you to university hospitals, specialist treatment centres and other centres which we believe you might be interested in.
You only pay if you accept our suggestion(s) and make a formal enquiry, which we will help you with.
We have visited most of the centres that we work with in person,  so we know what sort of enquiries to send to each one and we have secured direct access to many top specialists. 
Without this knowledge which we have gained over years of enquiries, you will not find many of these treatments by web search. You will waste much time and effort on enquiries and wonder why you get so few replies.

Let us make suggestions

Learn more for yourself

Your local hospitals might be quite capable of treating most problems, but if you have concerns about proposed treatment or feel that your diagnosis may be wrong you should be prepared to travel for the best advice.
You will usually receive a prompt resonse and we drop hospitals which fail to provide this.
Diagnostics, consultation and specialist treatments
Specialist rehabilitation after stroke, operation or injury
CyberKnife radiosurgery in Germany
Latest ion beam therapy for cancer treatments
Ion Beam Therapy
Second Opinion
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